Mount Batur Weather In Tropical Island

Mount Batur in Bali is basically has tropical weather as it only has sunny and raining seasons, the temperature on the summit is quite hot because it close to the center of the Vulcanic. Although the season is only consist of sunny and raining seasons, it doesn’t means that the mountain can be accessed at any time.  You need to consider the season and the weather around the mountain, as climbing the mountain during wet season is quite challenging as the soil is slippery and the rocks are sharp.

  1. Raining season: it is considered as the less appropriate season to climb the mountain, because it makes the climbing quite challenging. During raining season, climbing the mountain is not recommended for the beginner and those who are not fit and children. Not only is it constantly raining, but also the humidity becomes increasing as the temperature drop to single number. During raining season, the temperature range from 18’c to less than 16’c; while the humidity can be more than 90%. One of the disadvantage of climbing mount Batur during wet season is the present of insects and leeches, so you might to cover up your body and apply lotion to avoid insect biting.
  2. Sunny season; during sunny season the weather in mount Batur is warmer than the rest of the season. Although the rain might not be as often as in wet season but the temperature at midnight can still be chilly. In daytime the weather is hot as the sun is very shiny and the temperature near the Vulcanic spot is warm, you don’t really need to wear your jacket as you reach the summit; but you might still needed if you hike mount Batur for run rise tour. If you hike mount Batur during the day, you don’t really have to wears layers of cloth, casual cloth such as T-shirt and long trouser are enough to avoid insect biting.

Overall, there is no extreme weather changes in mount Batur. Although the weather is close to single number, it never reach 0’c or minus. There is no snow in mount Batur, as the temperature in the summit is warmer as the result of Vulcanic; beside that, the mountain is actually less than 2 hours walk which is considered shorter compare to any Vulcanic mountain in Indonesia.

Storm is rarely occur in mount Batur, as the mountain is far from the sea. In case you arrive in mount Batur during the worse season, you might need to stay in nearby homestays which are provided by local people which might be a best chance to mingle with them. Choosing the right season is the crucial thing in deciding the time of your hiking, especially if you are not familiar with the vicinity. However, the temperature on the surrounding of mount Batur is quite warm, less preparation is needed to take this trip. You only need to bring your jacket and raincoat on your back incase there is sudden shower during the trip.