Sunrise in Hidden Pinggan Village

Sunrise in Hidden Pinggan Village Posted on September 16, 2016admin Pinggan village is one of the most beautiful village located in the mountain with beautiful misty 1300 meter above sea level, 14 km from most famous kintamani village or arouund 2,5 hours driving from seminyak.

Pinggan village is one of the oldest village in bali related in the history of Chinese trader Pingan Village history a merchant family from china stranded on the island of Bali, and arrived at a village and settled in villages controlled by the king Jaya Pangus 1181- 1268 AD king Jaya Pangus very interested and fell in love with the daughter of the china family named princess  Kang Ching We  and marry her so around this village there are several villages were closely related with China such as the name of the village Songan (song – an), the village lampu taken from the family name china Lam and Pho pinggan village existed before the era of Hindu in Bali, in pinggan village there are historical temples Balikang which is a temple in honor and love of two wives majesty the king Jaya Pangus originating from bali and china, the name of the temple balikang derived from Bali and Kang , that the name of the two wife of the king Jaya Pangus.

Best Place to see Sunrise and Photography beach or shopping in Bali may be is just normal sometime get bored and for most of the tourist is not too important, for most tourist now was eager to visit the tourist attractions in beautiful and original in nature present to us If you are a fan of sunrise photography and want to enjoy the beautiful sunrise in the village and hidden from the frenetic bustle of the city and also too lazy to climb the mountaint ?  it is very precise you choose watching sunrise in Pinggan village to visit the villages Pingan we can depart from Kuta or Seminyak at 3:30 am or 4:15 am from Ubud and point your car toward kintamani, until at Penelokan we get to the hill writing, at the fork we take a straight line and follow the road until the village Pinggan, we will arrive in the village Pinggan before sunrise.

In the Pinggan village we would see a lot of spots to see the sunrise background in the valley of Mount Batur and Lake Batur are in a blanket thin mist and beautiful moment in translucent morning sunlight,Pingan village is suitable also as a place for photo pre wedding to get a photo that beautiful and different   In pinggan village the temperature between 19 -20 degree Celsius, so you must be ready with your jumper, and please avoid in raining season trip to pinggan village can be combine with visiting toya devasya hot spring and also continue with visiting coffee plantation as we know kintamani is one of the house of bali coffee in bali,  tegalalang rice terraces or ubud.

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