Cancellations are always unfortunate for both guests and tour operators. We understand that sometimes cancellations cannot be avoided. We urge all guests to make sure of their travel itinerary before scheduling a trek or tour with any company and please do not book a tour on the same day you depart from Bali.

Cancellations 15 day or More Days Prior

If you cancel ten 15 days or more before the date of your trek or tour with Bali Sunrise Trekking and Tour, you will receive a full refund through the same payment system with which you booked. Please note that all refunds through PayPal are subject to PayPal’s refund policy. If your booking was made with cash, your refund will be issued immediately at the Bali Sunrise Trekking and Tour office in Kintamani, Bali.

Cancellations 10 Days Out

For cancellations 7 days before your scheduled trek or tour, you will be issued a 50% refund. Refunds apply to each person in your group who made payment.

Cancellations 6 days out 

We sincerely apologize that refunds cannot be issued 6 days prior to your scheduled tour or trek ,  cos we prepared driver and guide 1 weeks before  Be and equipment for your excursion, and because we do not schedule other guests with your group (all treks and tours are personal), day-of or day-before cancellations are an enormous liability for all guided tour companies. You will note that all trekking guides have similar cancelation policies.

If you have extenuating circumstances or would like to speak to use directly about your cancelation, please contact us here.

Cancellation Policy