MT. Batur Sunrise Trekking And Cycling

Breaking the dark in the early morning with the challenging activities to explore the beauty of Bali will serve you the very best experience. The beauty of the glorious morning with the warmth of the sun can be enjoyed as you ascend the sacred mountain with the help of professional tour guide. Having satisfied of witnessing the morning sun, it is time to go cycling and break the rural places where you discover what behind the ancient villages.

Such provident holiday is affordable as you book for Mt. Batur sunrise trekking and cycling so that you can enjoy the perfect holiday of doing two exciting journey in one day. Time management, itinerary and the facilities offered by the Mt. Batur sunrise trekking and cycling service are 100% safely guaranteed, since it is supported by the professional English speaking guides.

What does the Mt. Batur sunrise trekking and cycling include?

As you make an attempt to book for this complete holiday package, you will be picked up from hotel at 02.00 AM. It is absolutely quite cold where you have to get ready for the appropriate outfits and other preparations. Along the road, you will surely do not see anything except the silent Bali and the cold weather out there. Upon your arrival in Pura Jati Kintamani, you will go for briefing and prepare for the climbing. Do not forget to bring all the stuffs and your trip of Mt. Batur sunrise trekking and cycling package will be accompanied by the tour guide.

Along the journey to trek the gravel path up the summit, you can see the beautiful rice terrace and the magnificent panorama of your surroundings. After one and a half hour, you will reach the peak, where you discover the panoramic views of the crater with the blue sparkling water. If the weather is fine, the Mt. Batur sunrise trekking and cycling also offers you with the beautiful view of the villages down to the slope of the mountain and the breath-taking view of Mount Agung and Mount Abang far beyond.

The next agenda of Mt. Batur sunrise trekking and cycling package is exploring the rural places with the bike. As you paddle down into the villages, you will discover the locals doing their activities and religious ritual in the sacred shrine. Here, you will learn much more about the culture, tradition and life bounded in harmony. Do not forget to capture the magic as you see the scenic rice terrace and some ancient spots.

What have to bring during the trek?

To enjoy the most extraordinary view along the trek, Mt. Batur sunrise trekking and cycling package suggest you to bring some stuffs such as backpack for carrying the camera, sunscreen and the hat for blocking the light to the face, changing clothes and the comfortable sandals or shoes during your trip. Do not get worried about the flashlight since you will be prepared as you arrive in the spot when ascending the mountain.

If you really want to experience the provident holiday with the affordable prices, it is strongly suggested to go with us. Supported with the brand-new and regular checked bike, you will enjoy every time you paddle the bike along the path. So, do book Mt. Batur sunrise trekking and cycling package for exciting holiday.