Incredible experince of discovering mt. Ijen bluefire with exciting bali tour 2018

There is no other beauty of the Mother Nature offers us but the magnificent view of mount ijen and its incredible blue fire have successfully attracted million tourists from all over the world. It is the underlying reason why most tour agency in Bali comes to decision to offer an exciting package to track along the path and reach the summit of Mt. Ijen in Java. Starting the journey from Bali, your journey on Mt. Ijen Blue Fire tour package will take more time and efforts. So, make sure to get everything prepared before the journey is started.

What does Mt. Ijen look like as tourist attraction?

Widely known among the locals and tourists, that Mt. Ijen is one of the most fantastic tourist attractions which has the largest crater in Java. The crater measures 200 meter in depth which can hold approximately 36 million cubic meter of acid water. As you track around the crater, you will discover the swirling sulfur clouds with shrouded smells.

To surprise you, as you book Mt. Ijen Blue Fire tour package, you will also discover the amazing colorful and various size of stones that create the garden of beautiful stones under the steaming acid water.

How does the itinerary take us?

It takes more than an hour to discover the amazing view offered by Mt. Ijen and bluefire. As your journey is started from Bali, you will leave for this beautiful island from Ubud, it approximately takes 4 hour drive to get Gilimanuk Harbor. Crossing the Bali Strait that heads to Ketapang Harbor will take you about an hour on the ship. This Mt. Ijen Blue Fire tour package will arrive in Ketapang Harbor at 00.00 in the midnight.

Then, your journey is heading to Paltidung rest area that takes you about 1 – 1,5 hour drive. As you settle down in the most comfortable car, you will witness the stunning landscape of the rustic villages, rain forest and the large rice fields. The Mt. Ijen Blue Fire tour package will be started at 01.30 am from Paltidung rest area which will be accompanied by the professional tour guide. To climb the mountain, it takes approximately 1.45 minutes.

In dealing with the route that you will track on, Mt. Ijen Blue Fire tour package will lead to the well-maintained path that offers you with the most extraordinary view on the vegetation. As you have reached the crater rim, you will be taken down to discover the exotic blue fire at the edge of the acid lake. Due to the lake has high metal and acidic water, this source of Banyupahit river may cause the damage on the river ecosystem downstream, so that you will be provided with gas mask.

Having been satisfied to enjoy the spectacular show of blue fire, you along with Mt. Ijen Blue Fire tour package, are taken to descend the path heading to the crater rim to discover the most breath-taking panorama in the early morning. The beautiful sunrise also attracts the tourists before they go for an hour descending to go back and reach the starting point. Before you return to Bali, this package will provide you with the most delicious menu to enjoy.

What does the package include?

As you are obliged to pay a good deal of money to the Mt. Ijen Blue Fire tour package, you will get more facilities during the unforgettable journey. In this regard, your package includes private transport, private guide, return crossing by Fery, meals, mineral waters and mask. These facilities are worth paying as you have the most amazing journey to see the wonderful views.

To enjoy the Mt. Ijen Blue Fire tour package, you are supposed to pay for Rp 1,100,000 IDR per person. Minimum reservations will be 2 persons, so that you can enjoy all the magnificence along the trip. We assure you to have memorable experience during your long holiday. So, what are you waiting for? Get all the things prepared and enjoy the track with us.