Join the Unforgettable Mount Batur Trekking Tour in the Paradise Island

Bali, a paradise island located in Indonesia does have too many beautiful spots to explore. One of them is Mount Batur, a magnificent volcano sits in Batur Village. The beauty of this mountain always attracts hundreds, even thousands tourists per year who join the Mount Batur Trekking Tour. Do you want to be one of them?

The beauty of Mount Batur

Batur, an active volcano located in Bali, never fails to amaze the hikers with its ultimate beauty. Sits at more than 1,700 meters above sea level, this mountain does give adventure enthusiasts a breathtaking view of mother nature. A lake resulting from the last explosion, named Lake Batur, surrounds the dashing mountain creating a magnificent landscape that is hard to forget.

Whether you prefer to take many photographs or just want to have an amazing experience, the best way to get a perfect view is by hiking to the peak of Mount Batur early before dawn to see the golden sunrise. To help you get the best possible experience, we will give you some information about the trekking tour you can join and what you should prepare in advance before joining the tour.   

Mount Batur trekking Tour

First, you have to know exactly when is the best time to visit Bali and join the trekking tour to Mount Batur. May through July is the perfect chance for you to go to this paradise island, and as long as it is not raining, you will be definitely greeted by the stunning view that you will never forget. You can make a reservation for the trekking tour program that you prefer. Or, you can also do the hiking without a guide. However, if this is the first time you visit the place, it will be safer for you to join the tour with a professional guide.

If you join the tour and have made a reservation, you will be given the exact schedule or hiking itinerary. The agent will usually pick you up very early in the morning before dawn, at 2 am depending on where you stay. The trekking tour will be started at 4 am so that you can reach the peak at 6 or 6.15 am.  

What to do

Before joining the tour, firstly you have to choose the right agent that will accompany you exploring the beautiful mountain. After you decide, then all you have to do is just make a reservation, and the agent will definitely give all of the information that you need to know, like the itinerary, what to bring, what to do and not to do, etc.

During the tour, not only will you enjoy the sunrise on top of the mountain, but you will also be taken to explore the nature surrounding the mountain. That is why, you should prepare the stuffs that you need to bring.

What to bring

Because this is a hiking activity, of course you have to prepare an appropriate costume to wear, like warm jackets, long pants, and hiking shoes. To make it easier for you in bringing the stuffs, you will also need a backpack containing mineral water, a little snack if you want, and first aid kit. If you want to capture every precious moment during the Mount Batur trekking tour, than camera is a must-item to bring.