Mount Agung Sunrise Trekking Tour

The beauty of Bali can be discovered from the solitaire life as you make an attempt to climb up the most sacred and holiest mount known as Mount Agung. Based in Karangasem Regency, this 3,142msal can be conquered with the Mount Agung sunrise trekking tour along with the good physically endurance. It is said so, since the trails offer you with many challenges during your 3 to 4 hours hiking but it is worth trying because your effort will be paid off when you reach the summit.

For those who acknowledge themselves as the challenge conqueror, the Mount Agung sunrise trekking tour deserves to try out because you will have the chance to have a little bit closer with the nature and the atmosphere so that your vacation will be quite exciting.

The trek from the Pasar Agung

If you intend to start the Mount Agung sunrise trekking tour from Pasar Agung, you just need around 3 up to 4 hours to get the summit. But, what you need to know that it is not real summit, since it is located around 100 meters below the summit. Do not worry about the magnificence of the panorama as you have arrived in this site.

The splendor of the crater would be quite clear from any directions, so that your tiresome will be paid off. To prepare for the trekking with Mount Agung sunrise trekking tour, you need to bring some stuff such as long pants, comfortable boots and the warm jacket to protect your body from extreme weather during the trails since the temperature ranges from 6 – 12 degrees of celcius.

The trek from Besakih Temple

The challenging trek will start from the Besakih Temple and through the difficult path, you will be taken to the summit of the Mount Agung. It is said that the journey to the summit with the Mount Agung sunrise trekking tour will lead you to the lush and dense rainforest of Besakih. You absolutely will feel the fresh breeze as it blows you tenderly.

But, your trek to get the peak will end for 5 to 7 hours long, but you can get to the real summit of this sacred and holy mountain. If you really want to see the beautiful outburst of the combination of yellow and the orange at the east, you can start the trek at 11 PM so that you will arrive before the dawn. Again and again, do not forget to bring the camera and the backpack for your foods and drinks, so that you can still enjoy the snacks while waiting for the sunrise.

The Mount Agung sunrise trekking tour is one of the trekking service that helps you to arrange the time to discover the splendor from the summit of Mount Agung. In this case, you can choose one of the treks based on your physical endurance, so that you will not feel so tired after conquering its peak. We also remind you to choose the professional tour agent so that your journey will be as beautiful as you think before.