Mount Batur Guide Hiking For Foreigners

Traveling to Bali will not be complete if you do not visit Mount Batur, the beaches on Bali provide you with spectacular view of sun set. As the result, many people come to beaches to enjoy the evening in nearby café and small food stands around the beaches. However, seeing the sun set is not the only one extraordinary view in Bali, some hiking trekking trail will also allow you to enjoy the beautiful sunrise between the mountains and wild vicinity.

Hiking Mount Batur in Bali is a famous tourism destination, because you can still enjoy the exercise as part as recreational. The trail can be completed in 2 hours with medium to difficult climbing levels. Although the trail is quite easy, it doesn’t mean that you can hike the mountain without the guide of professional guide who understand the local environment.

Here are some of the approaches that you can do to find professional guides for your trekking at Mount Batur.

  1. You can find the guides trough online tourism website that are available on your browser. They are mostly run by local agent and sometimes even by the local government. The price is also available on the website, so you can predict your spending even before coming to Bali. If you want to purchase the tour package on the online website, please make sure that you read the review from those who have purchase the same to make sure that the package is suitable for you.
  2. Finding a guide while staying in Ubud or Kute is also possible, as travel agents are available almost everywhere. You can also ask the hotel about their recommendation when you do not sure about what to do at Mount Batur. if you find difficulties in finding the right choice, consulting it with local government is recommended. You can visit the tourism office near your hotel an ask for their advices, often they will recommend you to one or two legal agent that can help you to hike Mount Batur.
  3. If you plan for a sudden visit, you don’t have to worry if you have not book for a tour package. There are guides that are available near Mount Batur, most of them are local people and they are familiar with the surrounding. Hiring a local people is preferable, as they know the best route that are suitable for your taste, sometimes they will also guide you to the hidden gem on the mountain which is rarely visited by other people.

Traveling to Mount Batur with a local guide is recommended to avoid any problem that might arise as the result or language barrier, unfamiliarity toward the environment, and weather. Hiring a guide is not as expensive as you thought, as they are more likely to be less than $20 per person. Some of the guide work for a group of people, while other can be rent privately for solo traveler. So why don’t you visit Bali and visit Mount Batur this year.