Mount Batur Hiking And Rafting

Many people assume that hiking is only for those who enjoy exercise, because it takes hours to hike and climb a mountain. It usually takes around 5 to 6 hours to reach the summit of Vulcanic mountain in Indonesia, climbing it for recreational activity is not a recommendation especially if you are a beginner.

However, it is not happening in Batur, many people come to Batur as a recreational hiking because it only needs two hours to reach the top of the mountain. The rail can be rate from medium to difficult, but almost all people who came to Batur have no difficulties in completing the trail.

Moreover, you can also do other activities while traveling to Mount Batur, it is not only about climbing the mountain, but it also provides other sports and activities that can be enjoyed by the entre family member.

Here are some activities that you can enjoy while you are in Mount Batur:

  1. Cycling is one of the best offers in Mount Batur, because you can ride along the rice paddies around the nearby village. It is not only famous among couples but also family with children. You don’t have to bring your own bicycle, because the local people may rent them for you with cheaper price.
  2. Mount Batur also best known for its water sport, it has rafting, swimming, diving and many more; they are available for rent. The price for each water sport is also cheap, you only need to contact the local tour agent and book for the water sports that you like, some of them even available for a full day package where you can enjoy the sport after competing your train to Mount Batur.
  3. If you don’t like to do exercise while staying in Mount Batur, you can also enjoy the scenery through the window of nearby cafés and restaurants.
  4. Cultural activities are also available in certain season, the local people often do ceremony to pray for the mountain and people can participate in it. since it is not available every day, you need to arrange to make sure that you arrive in Mount Batur during the event. You can ask the local people about the date, because they will gladly tell you when will the ceremony held.

Many activities can be done while you stay in Mount Batur, some people do hike while doing their exercise, you can do photography as the scenery in Batur are beautiful that will inspire you to create an extraordinary picture. Since Mount Batur has a lake, you can also do fishing if you like fresh water fish, doing water sports is also one of the most attractive activities to do in Mount Batur. They have update version of water game, and there are professional who will help you with the instruments. In the afternoon, you can enjoy seeing the sunset while cycling trough the rise paddies, as both land and sky will be covered with glowing gold.