Mount Batur Hiking Company

Some people might prefer to hike Mount Batur as solo travel, because you can arrange your own pace and plan during the tour. There will be no time limit s everything will be depend on your own preference. However, traveling to Mount Batur alone is challenging, not only because the track is quite difficult for beginner but also because you are not familiar with the surrounding.

Hiking Mount Batur will require knowledge about the weather, the route, the shortcuts, the location for the photo, the nearby village not to mention an understanding about the local language that make you able to communicate with local people. unless you are confidence that you can manage these things, traveling solo is not recommended; as so many foreign people are unable to find the right track during the trekking session.

  1. To hike Mount Batur tour especially for the sunrise package, paying extra money to local guide is necessary because you need someone who are familiar with the route even during the night. There is local tour company that provide guide services for foreigner, and they are not expensive. Hiring a local guide is recommended for those who already have fixed group to hike, those who want to hike with people they know, so you can hire one guide for your own group. The price for a guide will be depend on the services that they provide, but it is cheaper if you can find the guide near the Batur mountain.
  2. If you are traveling by yourself, hiring a guide is not necessary as it will be expensive. Instead you can pay for tour package at the local tour company. The price is quite cheap because you can share the guide services with other participants, but you need to make sure that on your group there will be less than 10 people as it will be too overwhelming if there are more people in one group.
  3. Finding Batur hiking company while you are saying in Ubud or Kute is preferable, because they often include pick up services for those who stay in nearby hotel. Instead of renting your own car, the tour company will pick you up and then take you to your hotel as part of the package. It is recommended for those who are not familiar with the location and those who have no international license to drive in Indonesia.

Basically, purchasing the tour package on local tourism company is recommended for those who want to hike Mount Batur as single traveler or in group, because they provide you with facilities that you need during the hike.

The guide who accompany you are mostly fluent is several languages, so you can ask question and explanation when it is needed. They are also familiar with local attractions and recommendations that will help you to decide where to eat, to take photo, and to participate in some local event. Instead of hiking the mountain by yourself, having companion who share the same interest will be more satisfying.