Mount Batur Hiking Group Tour

Traveling in group is preferable for those who enjoy the companion of their friend and family, but it is also true that there are limited activity and destination for those who bring their family together while traveling.

Bali provides you will all tourism alternative, it is appropriate for those who travel as couple, solo, and those who bring their friends and family with them.

Facilities and activities are also available in wide range, the weather is also nice all year around that make Bali as one of the busies tourism destination in the world.

One of the activities that you can enjoy while you are in Bali in hiking, especially Mount Batur. There are several reason why hiking Mount Batur is appropriate for group activities, they are:

  1. Appropriate for all level. Basically most of the hiking trail are design for professional hikers who have experience in hiking mountains. However, it ins not for Mount Batur, it is suitable for beginner and well as professional. The trekking can be completed in two hours, which will not exhaust you too much. The trekking is level as medium to difficult, some people might find the trekking easy but for a beginner it can be classified as medium. Since the length for the hiking is not to far and the difficulties are still bellow the professional level, people often come to Mount Batur with their family. You can also bring your children to hike, because it is also suitable for children who are around elementary age.
  2. Mount Batur is also chosen because their outdoor activities which are suitable for all age. For younger children, you can book water game that are guided by professionals. For teenager and those who like to do exercise, doing water sports can also be a good choice, since the local people also provide you with water sport instruments that can be rented. Couple can enjoy seeing the scenery while cycling around the village which is also good for photography, and if you have no energy left, you can enjoy the day while sitting in cafes and restaurants in nearby village. For family activities, you can do crafting class with the local people or joining the ceremony.
  3. The location of Mount Batur is also close from Ubud and Kute, it only take one hour rides from Ubud to Mount Batur, so you can still manage to come back to your accommodation at the same day.

Traveling to Mount Batur is suitable for you who travel as group, you can rent your own guide during the journey so you don’t have to mingle with any other group. Special arrangement are available if you want extra services and facilities during the touring, and the price is quite cheap. If you are arriving to Mount Batur by yourself, you can still manage to find a guide and even joint other groups that also hike the mountain at the same day. Traveling alone to Mount Batur is not recommended, because the trail is confusing and you are not familiar with its vicinity.