Mount Batur Private Hike

More people nowadays enjoy traveling solo, because it give you flexibility in arranging the place that you want to visit. Bali is one of the best choice for those who prefer to travel solo, because you can book a private touring that is suitable for your taste.

Private touring is recommended because you can set the time when you want to go, where you want to visit, and at what time you will back to your accommodations. Private guide is also available base on your need, especially that relate to you language preference, gender, knowledge and etc.

Many people think that booking a private agent to travel to Mount Batur is expensive, but here are some facts of it.

  1. The tour can be book as solo package or in a group. Those who like to be a lone touring the trekking might find it suitable to hire their own private guide that will help them during the climbing. You can book a guide while you are still in your home country or after arriving in Ubud, sometimes you can also hire a guide when you arrive in the near by village in Mount Batur. Of course if you are traveling solo, hiring private guide is expensive because you have to cover all of the expense with your own money, but it is worth it as you can arrange the tour base on your preference and your own pace.
  2. If you travel with your family and friends, you can hire a guide as a group. It is a lot cheaper, because you can share the expense among the mother members. However, you need to set the destination that is agreed by all. If you have more than two preference, you might need to pay the guide for extra chart and sometimes you also need to pay more for extra facilities to meet your need.
  3. If you are traveling alone without companion and has limited budget to cover your expense, then you can book a tour package in group. It is usually made for those who travel alone or with their friends but not sure about where to go and what to do. These type of touring usually have fix time and destination, so each of the member should stick with the time table that is given by the agent.  It is less flexible since the tour is already arranged by the company, so you don’t have any choice but to follow the schedule. The best ting about this type of tour is you can meet new people and explore new places with cheaper price.

Traveling solo doesn’t means that you cant enjoy Mount Batur to the fullest, as the local people have a wide variety of private tours that are made for group of family and even solo travels. The price for each type of tour is varied in range, so you can choose the one that fit to your budget. You don’t have to worry about the price, because they are mostly cheap and fair.