Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tripadvisor

It is not questionable that Bali is one of the famous tourism destinations in Asia, it has pubs, restaurants, beaches, and local wisdom that attract both local and international visitors. The travelers mostly stay in Seminyak, Ubud, and Kute as the places has more tourism facilities and activities that can be enjoyed during the day and night.

However, that is not all; if you look more you will realize that Bali offers you more than pubs and bars as you can blend with local people and experience the traditional life of native people while experiencing the natural vicinity trough hiking.  Doing trekking to Mount Batur will offer you all of those experience which cheaper price, and its 12 hours tour will provide you with extraordinary memory where you can see the beauty of Bali island from above.

Here is some review about the trip to Mount Batur.

  1. Based on Tripadvisor, sunrise tour to Mount Batur are rated at 4.5 which is considered high as the review from visitors are more than 2.000 reviews which means that the rate is quite valid. The reason behind the popularity of Mount Batur lays on its beautiful nature and cheap tour price. Some of the reviewer is stated that Mount Batur is a beautiful place where you can see a beautiful sun rise and Batur lake at the same time. Some visitors also stated that the reason why they choose to go to Batur mountain is because of its fresh air and clear weather. They even praise the foods that are served by the local restaurant at the nearby villages, as you can enjoy lunch while seeing beauty scenery in front of you.
  2. Fact about trip advisor rate for Mount Batur: from the entire 2.000 reviews about Mount Batur more than half of them agree that Mount Batur trip to see sun rise is an extraordinary as they give 5 stars for the trip. The rest 30% said that the tor to Mount Batur is outstanding but only left 4 starts for the trekking.

From the overall score, only 3% people argue that the trip is not worth it but compare to half of people who said that the trip is amazing this 3% remains invalid.  The reason why they are unsatisfied with the tor is mostly because they came to Mount Batur at the wrong time, some of them visit Mount Batur during high season especially on weekend which is means that there will be lot of people who will book for the tour. Some of them did not like the trekking as the result of their unfamiliarity about the surrounding, which can be avoided if you have local guide with you.

Although 3% viewers believe that the tour is not recommended, but it can be said unfavorable compare to the rest 58% who agree that the tour is fantastic. Instead of seeing the negative comment for the tor, why don’t you just experiencing yourself and give your own rate.