Mount Batur Trekking Price Info and Tips to Know before You Go

Before you plan a fun Mount Batur trekking as one of your to do lists in Bali, info about Mount Batur trekking price is really important to know. Sure, in Bali you can enjoy lots of attractions and fun activities. Enjoying the trekking is one of the recommended ideas for you who love the nature. That is why if you are in Bali and do not forget to enjoy this activity and one of the recommended destinations is Mount Batur.

Before you enjoy the fun trekking at Mount Batur, you need to get some basic info about associated with this fun activity. This is including the info about how much it costs for Mount Batur trekking. We are going to share some info about it below and hopefully it will help you much getting some overview in preparing and planning the budget.

Go to Bangli, Bali

If you are already in Bali, the next thing you need to do is going to Kintamani, Bangli. You can also reach the nearest village to Mount Batur, which is Toya Bungkah Village while the starting point of the trekking is at Pura Jati Luhur. You can reach the place by bus or other common transportation. If you are there by bus, after arrive at bus station, you can go to the village by ojek (taxi bike). The cost for the taxi bike is around 30,000 to about 50,000 rupiahs. Sure, it depends on your bargain.

Hire a Guide

Talking about Mount Batur trekking price means we are also talking about the cost for the guide services. Many people are interested in hiring a guide especially this is your first experience. You can hire a guide for your group as well. When you arrive there at the starting point or at the village, there will be lots of guides who offer their service. How much it does it cost? They will offer it in various prices but the range of price will be about 500,000. Back again, it depends on your skills in bargaining.

Accommodation Before you Start the Mount Trekking

If you arrive there at night or evening, you need to get the proper accommodation there. There are some homes which also provide some rooms for rent. The cost is varied but it is around 100,000 rupiahs. If you already hire a guide, you also can get some references of the guest houses there. then, you can enjoy a night there and be ready for the trekking so that you need to wake up really early about 2 a.m. at least you can start the trekking on 3 a.m. if you want to see the beautiful sunrise on the top.

Tips for Dealing with the Cost

The estimation of costs for Mount Batur trekking is not that fixed. One of the important tips you need to remember is always try to bargain. Feel free to bargain for getting the good price. That is especially about the cost for the taxi bike and guide.

If you want to safe much money, you can bring some uncooked eggs which you can cook on the peak since if you buy the ready to eat eggs there, it costs ten times than the real cost of the uncooked egg. You do not need a pan for cooking the egg there, since you only need to put the eggs in the ground for several minutes and they are ready to eat. That is one of the ideas to safe much of your money and overview for the Mount Batur trekking price.