Mount Batur Trekking Tips and What You Need to Know First

Trying to enjoy mount Batur trekking is a good idea for you who love the nature and also for them who love enjoying the amazing scenery of the nature. Mount Batur is suitable as a mount for various people even though for the beginners in trekking. You can simply enjoy the activities of trekking without finding the worse serious difficulties. Even though it is going to be your first time in trekking, you will be able enjoying this activities and Mount Batur is such a good idea to try.

Before you go enjoying trekking at Mount Batur, it is much better to know well about the mount and also the trekking activities there. Below, we have some info and tips which hopefully will help you getting some overview and also ideas about trekking the Mount Batur. Some info below may be the basic things but you have to know it properly before you go there.

Location of Mount Batur

The first thing you need to know in detail is about the location. Mount Batur is located at Kintamani, Bangli, Bali. Mount Batur is one of the active mounts in Bali. It offers a bunch of great beauty which you may not find at other places. That is why lots of people are interested in enjoying this activity.

How to enjoy the trekking? The first thing you need to do is of course visiting the village which is nearest the mount. You can go to Toya Bungkah Village and you will find lots of guides which offer their services in various types of package. If you are interested in using their service, feel free to do some bargain for getting the best price.

The Beauty and Attractions Offered on the Peak of Mount Batur

Lots of people are interested in mount Batur trekking because of the beauty and attractions which can be enjoyed there. One of them is of course about enjoying the great beauty of the nature. Mount Batur has the world-biggest caldera which is really beautiful.

This becomes the main reason of lots of people to enjoy trekking there. In the caldera there is the crescent shaped lake named Lake Batur. The height of this mount is about 1,717 metres so that you will only need about two hours for reaching its peak. When you are on its peak, you will see the beautiful scenery there.

The Cost for Mount Batur Trekking

Of course, before you go for trekking at Mount Batur, you want to get the info about the cost you may need to spend. If you are already there at the Mount Batur Substation, you will need to register there and it will require you to pay about 15,000 rupiahs. If you are going to use the guide services, you may need to pay about 550,000 rupiahs. Still, it depends on the way you bargain.

Some Tips to Know for Mount Batur Trekking

There are some tips you need to know before you enjoy the trekking at Mount Batur. First, it is recommended for you to start trekking before dawn or around 3-4 a.m. That will be the best time since you will be able enjoying the beauty of sunrise there. Second tip is to bring simple goods only and you can bring some uncooked eggs which then you can put it in the ground which result some smokes. Third, if you want to hire a guide, do not forget to bargain. Those are some tips for mount Batur trekking you can try.