Mt. Batur Sunrise Trekking and ATV

The splendor of Bali is never separated from the large variety of cultures and traditions. From the people to the nature are so welcoming that both domestic tourists and foreigners come to decision to spend their long leisure time in this prestigious island. Hundred tour packages are available and we can take the advantages of Mt. Batur sunrise trekking and ATV for breaking out from the hustle and bustle of the city. As you book for this service, you will experience great holiday with two challenging activities that cost you less expensive.

What does the Mt. Batur sunrise trekking and ATV sound like?

Needless to say, it is extraordinarily amazing and filled with so much fun as you are picked up from the hotel and speeding up to the starting point. For many times, you will start the journey in the early morning where the weather is very cold and the path is quite dark. With the help of professional tour guide and the flashlight from Mt. Batur sunrise trekking and ATV facilities, you will walk through the sandy and gravel path step by step. It may take for one and a half hour before you reach the summit.

Upon your arrival at the peak of the mountain, you will feel as if you were at the top most of the world where you discover the magnificent neighboring Mount Agung and the beautifully sparkling craters below. Do enjoy the breakfast at the top of the mountain while you see the sun shines brightly and decorate the exotic dark grey sky with the combination of red and orange light.

The next tour with Mt. Batur sunrise trekking and ATV will take you to discover the splendor of Bali. Before leaving the site with the best quality and well-prepared ATV, you will get some brief explanations and your journey absolutely will be accompanied by the professional instructor.

To start with, you will be taken to break the path along the cocoa plantation and the rural villages where you will see the locals doing their activities. As you heading to the main course, you will see the exotic panorama of rice terraces and black sandy beaches that serve you breath-taking views.

The course is quite challenging that you have to be skillful enough to use the full power of ATV up the hill and down the hill. Such a challenging experience that no one will miss to give a try.

 What does the total price include?

As you are urged to pay for a great deal of money to pamper your adrenaline for two activities, you will get extra facilities. In this regard, the Mt. Batur sunrise trekking and ATV tour agent will serve you with the private and comfortable pick-up and drop-off car. The adequate amount of mineral water and the well-maintained and safe equipments, helmets, flashlights and professional English speaking tour guide will be your rights as long as you book for this tour agent. To quench your thirst and refuel your energy, you are also served with a box of Indonesia cuisine that tastes good.

All the facilities above are covered in Mt. Batur sunrise trekking and ATV tour package. It surely will give you memorable experience that you will do again in the other days. So, what do you think about? Call us for further information and enjoy the extraordinarily challenging activities.