MT. Batur Sunrise Trekking And Waterfall

Have you ever experienced to witness the splendor of amazing yellow and orange horizon in the morning with the perfect view of Mount Rinjani out there from up above 1,171 masl? If you eagerly want to try this experience, you are urged to visit the amazing Bali and take the advantages of Mt. Batur sunrise trekking and waterfall tour packages for incredible vacation.

As you book for this package, you will go for two different and challenging activities where you have to spend less money and save your time to travel around. For the first time, you are invited and challenged to conquer the majestically erected sacred mountain in Bali, then you will be pampered to enjoy the fresh water and air in the most famous Sekumpul waterfall. It is such an amazing experience that is worth paying for provident holiday with mates or families.

What to obtain from the Mt. Batur sunrise trekking and waterfall tour package?

Extravagant experiences do not always come from the expensive holiday where we have to pay for a great deal of money. Taking the advantages of Mt. Batur sunrise trekking and waterfall tour package is the best option where you can sock away some money and still enjoy the challenging tour.

To deal with it, just give a try to go for morning trekking ascending the sacred Mount Batur with the professional guide. The exotic panorama of the rural villages and the beautiful view of Mount Agung far beyond are priceless and worthless. Nature will leave your mouth agape with the breath-taking morning sun rises in the east creating the yellow and orange horizon and down the caldera lake with its beauty. As you enjoy these panoramic views, you can refuel your body with steamed eggs and fruits freshly produced from the crater.

Down to the starting point, you will be transferred to another splendor where you can enjoy the pristine nature with the fresh water splashing your body. This Mt. Batur sunrise trekking and waterfall packages offer you with the extraordinarily amazing journey to break the dense jungle and to go along the gravel and slippery path.

Along the journey heading to the Sekumpul waterfall, you will encounter some locals who greet you and do some religious ritual in the ancient shrines. Do not forget to capture the scenic panorama of rice terraces and the green hills. Not long after that, you will hear the rumble waterfall in the midst of the unspoiled nature. Take your clothes off and swim deep under the fresh water directly produced from the natural springs.

What facilities do include within?

As you take the advantages of Mt. Batur sunrise trekking and waterfall tour packages, you will be charged for a good deal of money in advance. In return, you will be served with the best facilities from the morning trek to reach the top of Mount Batur summit until the journey to break the dense jungle. A bottle of mineral water, private tour guide, flash light and hotel drop-off and pick-up are available there. But, we assure you to bring the changing clothes, since you will get wet when you play with water in Sekumpul waterfall.

To spend holiday with the very best memorable vacation, you are suggested to go for Mt. Batur sunrise trekking and waterfall tour package. Feel free to book us at anytime, since we are available for 24 hours service. Our certified and skilled tour guide will accompany you to explore the amazing journey in Mount Batur and Sekumpul waterfall. So, what are you waiting for?