Mt. Batur Trekking and Swing

Beaches, shrines and natural scenic view are the top of tourist destinations why people from all over the world make a decision to come and explore the Paradise Island. Widely known as Bali, one of the best sites to spend the holiday offers you with hundred challenging activities of trekking the most sacred mountain until swinging over the lush green tropical forest. Such exciting experience can be obtained by booking the Mt. Batur trekking and swing packages

As you book for these packages, you will no longer need to get confused about the itinerary, since it is all well managed by the tour agent. Can’t wait to enjoy the most exciting journey, right? Learn more about the Mt. Batur trekking and swing first!

What does Mt. Batur trekking and swing package offer the visitors?

When it comes to trekking mount Batur, it always deals with the morning trek along the gravel and the sandy path where it is used to be the lava flow. Upon your arrival in the starting point, you will get brief information before ascending this 1,171 masl mountain. It is said that the trek belongs to moderate level, so that it is advisable for the beginners and the professionals.

With Mt. Batur trekking and swing package, you will be taken to three and a half-hours-trek up and down to the starting point. As the sun is about to rise from the east, you will see the panoramic views of the yellow and orange horizon with the sparkling craters down there. Such amazing views become the major interest why visitors give up for their lives to ascend this sacred mountain. To spend the time, you can do many activities such as enjoying every sip of the tea or coffee with the delicious hot fried banana sold nearby.

The journey will not stop there, since Mt. Batur trekking and swing holiday package will take you to pamper the adrenaline with the amazing view of the green vegetation over the swing in 10 up to 30 meters in height. The beauty of green abyss and the rushing adrenaline throughout the body will create the different feeling as you hold tightly the rope and screaming out loud.

Discover the beauty of waterfall and canyon behind the unspoiled nature and the lush of vegetation down there. If you think that such swing is less challenging, you can try the higher level where you will feel as if you were flying over the sky high.

How much money does it cost?

The amazing and memorable holiday with the help of Mt. Batur trekking and swing tour packages will cost you different from one agent to another. Speaking about the price, we can give you general description based on where you reside. If you stay in Nusa Dua or Jimbaran, you will be charged for USD 70 per person, while if you are in Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu and Sanur it will cost you for approximately USD 65 per person. To get cheap price, you are urged to stay in Ubud, since you will pay only for USD 60 and USD 55 when you are in Kintamani area. The different charges may vary from the distance and it may be changed without further information.

To enjoy the Mt. Batur trekking and swing tour packages for the amazing vacation, you are strongly recommended to book the tour to us. It is strongly advisable since you will be offered with the complete facilities and certified tour guides. Do not worry about the price, since it is all affordable for memorable vacation.