Reason Why You Do Mount Batur Hiking

Although being the busiest tourism destination, there are still local beauties that you can’t enjoy while staying in Kute and any other tourism spots. You may be able to interact with local people while staying in the hotel, it does really count as a exceptional experience. Sun bathing in the beaches is surely attractive by some of the people, but it is not the only one beauty that is offered by Bali as it offers more than you can imagine.

To enjoy the outstanding beauty of the local beauty, you might need to consider traveling to Batur and hike the mountain to see Bali Island from above. Most of the local building in Bali are not skyscrapers because Indonesia is known as an active Vulcanic route, so seeing Bali from above might only limited to certain high. As you hike Mount Batur, you can see a better vision of Bali Island from the above which cannot be compared to any other places.

Here is some reason why you must hike Mount Batur while staying in Bali.

  1. Hiking Mount Batur is relatively easy compare to any other Vulcanic mountain in Indonesia. Most of Indonesia mountain should be hike for at least 5 hours before you reach the summit, but it is not for Mount Batur as you only need to hike the mountain for 2 hours only. Hiking Mount Batur is recommended even for the beginner, as you don’t need to have outstanding physical ability and trekking training for hiking the mountain. Besides, you don’t have to be fully equipped during the track as the route is quite easy to climb.
  2. The panorama of sun rises became the main attraction of the place, it is the reason why people are eager to start packing and climbing at mid night to get a glimpse of sun rises. you will see the sun rises behind the mountains which give an exceptional morning view.
  3. Meeting with the local people is also the main reason why people hike Mount Batur, as they can interact with people as enjoy the traditional atmosphere while staying at Batur.
  4. Batur is not only famous for its mountain view, as the vicinity is also famous as the agricultural field. You can see rice paddies, small streams, and plantations along the way which will surely calm your mind.

Some tourist goes to Mount Batur to do exercise, they might do cardio while hiking the mountain to maintain their physical ability white traveling abroad.  Besides that, there are sports activities that are available in Batur, you can participate in water sport, cycling, jogging, etc.

So it is basically a place where you can get healthy for both physically and psychologically. Enjoying the local cuisine is also a good choice, as the local people mostly prepare the food using organic ingredients. You can hike Mount Batur in small group of larger, as it is fit for both occasions. When you visit Bali don’t forget to come to Mount Batur.