The 10 Best Mount Batur Hiking Tour

The amazement that Bali offers to the both locals and foreigners has never met an end. There are so many hidden beauties that take the effort to do trekking and to climb up the challenging trek. As you want to enjoy the truly natural panorama of the 10 best mount Batur hiking tour, you are supposed to follow these following tips in attempt to see the magnificent of sun bursting at 1.717masl.

  1. Book the trekking agent in advance

As you initially visit Bali, you are suggested to book the trekking agent in advance if you want to discover that “real” Bali from the summit of mount Batur. Make sure to book from the trusted websites with the adequate experiences of serving the agents with the certified guide.

  1. Make sure to bring the hiking poles

To enjoy the 10 best mount Batur hiking tour, you should be well-prepared in order to stay safe during descending and ascending the mountain. To assure your safety, do not forget to bring one or two hiking poles to help you walk through the trails. If you are lucky, the trekking agents will provide you with it.

  1. Put your most comfortable shoes on

It is not about fashion, but it talks about safety when climbing. As you see the scenic panorama along the journey, make sure that you wear the comfortable shoes with the strong grip. Boots is strongly recommended for this case.

  1. Do not miss your hand gloves

We surely know that as you reach the peak of mount Batur with the 10 best mount Batur hiking tour,  you will feel the different temperature. To avoid frozen up and keep your hand warm, you are necessary to wear the hand gloves during the trekking.

  1. Wear the most appropriate clothes

Climbing mount Batur with the 10 best mount Batur hiking tour offers you with the different weather change as you step on your feet in the challenging trails. It is said that you might feel cold when getting started and it turns out to be warmer or even cooler as you achieve its peak. Wear T-shirt or whatever makes you feel comfortable during the unpredictable weather changing.

  1. Adequate drink and food is recommended

The 10 best mount Batur hiking tour will spend lots of energy, so you are supposed to bring the adequate beverages and foods to stay strong during the ascending and descending. Isotonic drink and the energy bars are suggested to take with you.

  1. Don’t forget to bring camera or sunscreen

It is important to capture the magic and to protect your skin from the sun. So, do not forget to bring your camera in your pocket and put some sunscreen on your skin since the climates are humid and quite hot.

  1. Have sufficient rest

We all know that trekking takes lots of energy and you are prepared with the good stamina as you intend to spend the holiday with the 10 best mount Batur hiking tour. This suggests you to take a rest for many hours before your trekking get started. Do not stay up late since you will have no energy left.

  1. Be with professional guide

For the amateur hikers, the 10 best mount Batur hiking tour is strongly recommended to go with the professional guide to avoid unwanted things. In this regard, you can find the service from the trekking agent, so that you are no longer worried of getting lost.

  1. Ask friends to come along with you

Being sociable is never separated from the human’s features, and as you go for hiking at mount Batur, just ask one or more friends to go with you. Being alone is not quite enjoyable during the trek rather than going with many friends.

The magnificent of mount Batur from its summit will be paid off as you try to conquer the trek. the 10 best mount Batur hiking tour will be ready to serve you if you really want to enjoy the scenic panorama. To get its service, just book the trekking agent in advance for its terms and conditions along with the facilities you will get during the trekking.