The Top 10 Bali Hiking And Tour

The beauty of Bali is unquestionable when the people come to have vacation in this most exotic island. In line with it, the magnificence of Island of Paradise also comes from the exotic hills, meandering rivers, rustic villages, the towering volcanoes and many others. If you eagerly want to enjoy its beauty, it is supposed to try out the top 10 Bali hiking and tour.

  1. Mount Batur offers you its magnificence

Located on 1717 above sea level, one of the top 10 Bali hiking and tour named Mount Batur is broadly known as the active volcano that serves the most scenic panorama such as the beauty of the transition when the late afternoon turns out to be the dawn which is full of  perfection.

  1. Mount agung Bali tour to train your strength

Among the tourist destination listed in your journey, mount Agung is worth trying to test the strength and adrenaline rush. It is said that this trek becomes the main challenge to conquer with the beauty of the sunrise, the eye-warming panorama of mount Rinjani and the most enormous of lake batur.

  1. Tegalalang rice field hiking

Another option for the top 10 Bali hiking and tour is Tegalalang rice field hiking that offers you with the beautiful panorama of terraced rice plantation besieged by the green coconut trees. When you track here, you will discover the locals’ activity of working in their own fields such as planting and harvesting the rice.

  1. Tirtangga Paddy Field Hiking for photographers’ pleasure

For photographers, we suggest you to visit the top 10 Bali hiking and tour called Tirtangga Paddy field hiking. To start your journey, you will witness the beautiful local architecture with the unique layout. To get the best shot, just visit in the early morning.

  1. National Park Hiking in west Bali

Complete your trek as you do tracking at the top 10 Bali hiking and tour which later popularly known as West Bali National Park. Find out the wild life such as the endemic plant, species and the birds perching in the branches.

  1. Munduk Bali Hiking

Out of the top 10 Bali hiking and tour in Bali is named as Munduk which is considered as the God-made with the purpose for the hikers. It means that as the hikers try out this challenging route, they will be served with the scenic panorama such as large strawberry and coffee plantation, paddy field and the hidden historical temples.

  1. Sekumpul waterfall hiking

Broadly known among the locals, this site popularly called as Sekumpul waterfall is the highest and the most beautiful waterfall in Bali. As you pass by, you will enjoy the panorama of the rustic villages, rice fields and the beautiful fruit orchards.

  1. Sambangan waterfall hiking tour

the top 10 Bali hiking and tour is also located in northern part of Bali. Known as Sambangan waterfall, this one of the must-visit destination for hikers serves the most beautiful waterfall with three unique staggering named Kembar, Pucuk and Kroya.

  1. Twin lake jungle tour

Surrounded by the lush vegetation the top 10 Bali hiking and tour named Twin lake jungle tour will amaze you. The Hindu temples with their own architectures also add the beauty of this twin lake that provides the locals with the herbal plants for medication purposes.

  1. Mount lesung hiking

Based in Singaraja, the majestically erected mount named Mount Lesung is at 1,865 meters above sea level. This will take the hikers to the splendor of the largest crater with the beautiful view of the rustic villages and the lush of rainforest.

The journey to Bali will never be completed if you do not try one of the top 10 Bali hiking and tour. If you really do not know how to enjoy the trek and worried about getting lost, it is surly recommended choosing one of the trekking service in Bali. As you book for the service, you will be accompanied by the certified guide along with the facilities that equal with the amount of money you spend for the trek.