Things That You Need To Prepare For Mount Batur Hike

Things That You Need To Prepare For Mount Batur Hike

Like hiking any other mountain in Indonesia, the first thing that you need to make sure is the time when you want to do the trekking, because most of the mountains in Indonesia are active volcanoes that might erupt at any time.

Just like any other mountain, Batur is also an active volcano in Bali and it was previously recorded to erupt and cause massive impact in local tourism industry.

If you hike in an appropriate season, then you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the mountain without any problem. Hiking in rainy season is also not recommended, as the soil will be too slippery for beginner hiker.

Here are some of the things that you need to prepare if you have plan to hike Mount Batur this season.

  1. Appropriate clothes; wearing appropriate clothes is a must as it will determine the whole aspect on your journey. Wearing light cloth might be good because it will lessen your burden while hiking the mountain, but it is not all.To climb Mount Batur you need to put on layers of cloth as the temperature for during the climbing might drop to a single number, as your reach the top of the mountain and close to the Vulcanic area the temperature will rise, and you may need to put off some of your clothes when it is too hot. Besides that, most of Mount Batur tour is started at midnight, where the guide will pick you up from your hotel at 00 and start climbing the mountain at 2.30 am in the morning.
  2. Prepare your hiking gear; gears for hiking are also important. You must wear a comfortable hiking shoes because the tract will be slippery, and the rocks are sharp. Sneakers are not recommended for this tor, as the track is mostly muddy then it will be hard for you to walk with it.
  3. Preparing light meal during the hike is also requirement, as most of the tours will not provide you with foods, besides there will be no restaurant at the top of the mountain, so you need to prepare your meal before the pick-up time. Bring your own water bottles, sandwiches, candies, chocolate, and snacks if you think they are necessary.
  4. Climbing Mount Batur is not completed if you don’t bring camera with you, you might satisfy with mobile camera because they are easy to bring, and it can be put on your pocket. However, you need to know that the weather in Mount Batur is sometimes unexpected, so you might need to prepare some accessories and lighting to create a spectacular shot.

To hike Mount Batur, you don’t really need to prepare too many stuffs, as it is only taking around 3 hours hike and there won’t be snow in the summit. Basically, you can hike Mount Batur as long as you wear common cloth and add water proof jacket and appropriate shoes.