Things You Must Know before Starting a Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

Mount Batur sunrise trekking is one of the recommended fun activities is you are visiting Bali. Sure, Bali offers a bunch of fun things you can do. This is also the beautiful place where you can enjoy the beauty of the nature in various ways including mount trekking and Mount Batur is one of the great ideas to choose.

If you have a great passion in trekking, it is one of the activities you must do when you are in Bali. Sure, you can simply enjoy the beautiful sunrise of Bali in the wonderful view there. Still, there are some essential points you may need to know before you go enjoying this fun trekking at Mount Batur. If you are still clueless, you can read this post till end since we are going to share some helpful info you need to know about the sunrise trekking at Mount Batur.

How to Start the Sunrise Trekking at Mount Batur?

If you are already in Bali, you can simply list this activity in your schedule. To start the trekking, you do not need to get worried since all you need to do is going to Toya Bungkah Village or Pura Jati Luhur as the starting point. This would not be really difficult and you also can visit Kintamani and enjoy the time there before you go to the village or Pura to prepare your trekking there. You can reach this place by bus or even car and then you will be able to find the guides there since there will be some guides offering the service when you arrive there. The cost of their service is around 500,000 rupiahs.

About 2-Hour Mount Trekking

If you are interested in the Mount Batur sunrise trekking, you need to know how much time you may need to spend to reach the peak of the mount. This is an active 1717m height mount which may require you to spend about two hours in average to reach its peak. Sure, when you are on the top, you will find the fascinating beauty of the nature. That is especially if you can reach the top before sunrise. That is why you have to plan it well first including in planning the time.

How is the Path?

Before you go for mount trekking, you have to know some info about the path. That is especially if you have not been ever there yet. Firstly, you will find the path which is sloping and then it is getting increasingly uphill. Then, in the rest you will find the sandy and rocky path which is also narrow and slick. You need to be more careful there.

When to Start?

To enjoy the beautiful scenery of sunrise, you need to be early starting the trekking. It is recommended to start the trekking before dawn or about 3 a.m. The earlier will be the better since you want to see the sunrise, right? If you start the trekking on 3 a.m. you will be there on about 5-5.30 a.m. Anyone can enjoy the Mount Batur sunrise trekking even though you are beginner, as long as you have a great will.