Top 10 Best About Mount Ijen Tour You Need To Know

Mount Ijen belongs to one of the best tourist destination that offers the travelers with the rare and unusual natural phenomenon, Blue Flame. Considered to be the most distinctive feature that only found in the world after Iceland, this tourist destination has drawn the public among the tourists. Before you explore the amazing mount Ijen, it is strongly advisable to know all the things in dealing with Mount Ijen tour.

  1. It is advisable to go at night

We all know that all Mount Ijen tour is always started from the midst of the night where you have to break the silence and cold. As you struggle to conquer the trail up to the mountain, you will be amazed of the sunning natural panorama of blue flames. The darker you set off the journey, the more visible the blue flame will be.

  1. It is 3 hours trek one-way

During ascending the mountain, you will take approximately 3 hours to reach the summit and around 45 minutes to go down the crater where the blue flames can be seen. In associate with Mount Ijen tour, it is said that the trail is quite easy, but the nature is sometimes too hard to conquer, so that speed may vary from one people to another.

  1. You are not to be experienced hiker

Most visitors who come to enjoy the panorama are not experienced mountaineer and they are capable of winning the hard trail up and down the mountain. Speaking about Mount Ijen tour, visitors always take a rest in the midst of trek when the body reaches its limits. People with respiratory problems may find difficulty to conquer the challenging trail.

  1. Do not forget renting the gas mask

Due to the condition at the edge of the crater is filled with the strong sulfur odor, it is strongly advisable for those who go for Mount Ijen tour to rent gas mask that costs 50,000 IDR. This helps you to protect from respiratory problems.

  1. Put on the most comfortable clothes

Since the climbing is started in the midnight, you are supposed to wear the most comfortable clothes to protect you from the nature that is not unfriendly. During the period of time you go for Mount Ijen tour, you are also recommended to wear the comfortable shoes that will protect you from the risk of slipped away.

  1. Be considerate to the locals

As you ascend the mountain, it is inevitable that you will meet the locals who work as miner. During the Mount Ijen tour, the locals are transporting a basketful of sulfur on their back. Make sure to give way for them to pass by. Do not forget to bring money, since there will be small stalls selling some coffee or tea.

  1. Bring enough water

Trekking in the midst of the night will make you dehydrated so that the availability of drinking water is recommended to quench the thirst during the Mount Ijen tour. Make sure to save one bottle of drinking bottle in your bag.

  1. Enjoy blue flame

The purpose of Mount Ijen tour is to enjoy the blue flames and to explore the exotic panorama. To deal with it, make sure not to arrive at the site by 05.00 am, since the flames have gone, so start the journey at the midnight.

  1. Catch the beautiful sunrise

Apart from the blue flame, during the Mount Ijen tour, you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise from the top of the mountain. Do not forget to capture the magic as the sun rises from the east with its own magnificence.

  1. Enjoy the tour alone of with tour agent

People who come to see the place do not take the advantages of the tour agent, but some of them are preferable to have Mount Ijen tour. This helps you to make all the things well arranged in everything.

The splendor of mount ijen that offers you with the most amazing blue flame is another thing to chase for when you go with Mount Ijen tour. Provided with this extraordinary panorama, your holiday will be more memorable than before.